Sports Photography

Do you need a photographer to cover your sporting event or Portrait shots for sports players?

Shooting the action during a game is difficult, and if you want to capture a sport it is best to hire a Boise sports photographer with experience. Doug Sooley Photography offers years of proven experience as a professional sports photographer in Boise with a portfolio of shots from all areas of sports.

Sports portraits are our specialty and we can create stunning images as part of one-time shoot, a senior portrait package or part of a recruitment package. However, we really strive to go beyond the traditional and get something that is unique.

Whether you want whole-team or single-player photos, Doug Sooley Photography will produce the quality photos you need. Doug’s attention to detail combined with his creativity is the key to unlocking incredible action and still sports photos.

How Are Sports Photos Different from Portraits?

San Diego sports photos are very different than portraits. When a sports photographer shoots, he or she is often required to move around the sidelines, capture the action and include photos of the crowd. No matter what the sport, a good photographer gets it all with high-quality photos.

Doug Sooley Photography is your home for San Diego sports photography. We offer complete coverage of games with sideline and crowd interaction. We also offer sports portraits and sports team photos for an additional charge.

What Do I Get With A Sports Photo Package?

If you chose a complete game package, you will receive:

  • Complete coverage of your game from start to finish, including static, action, sideline and crowd shots
  • A 4 Gigabyte thumbdrive with all of your photos included
  • Professional composition of all your photos for quality results

We cover a wide variety of sports, including:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Water Polo
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Golf

We will travel to games and meets as necessary. Prices vary depending on location and requirements.

We cover complete games along with sideline and crowd interaction. You receive a 4 Gigabyte thumb drive with all useable images from the shoot. We will also do portrait and team photos for your team (at additional charges using the standard package rates on the site).

Prices vary depending on the sport but most shoots are $500 per game (plus travel). Typical sports covered are Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Water Polo and Swimming, Track and Field and Cross Country, Tennis, Golf and more…

Prices very per shoot so contact us using the form or call 760-445-9438 and we can discuss prices.

Do you need images for a portfolio for college recruitment?

Students who are serious about college recruitment in their sport of choice often compose a photo portfolio. Stunning live-action images are key in this type of photography, and Doug Sooley Photography delivers. Showcasing your athlete’s ability is our goal. We will work with you to help you catch the eyes of recruiters everywhere!

Hire us to capture stunning¬† live action images of your player for use in College Recruitment materials. The highest quality images showcasing the athlete’s performance can help catch a recruiters eye. Cost for a one game shoot is $250 (plus travel).