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Doug Sooley is a Boise Photographer and is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality High School Senior Portraits and Sports Portrait photography. Doug strives to create unique and memorable portraits that the student and family can cherish for a lifetime. Never satisfied with the ordinary, Doug is constantly looking for ways to create portrait photography that goes beyond the everyday. When it comes to sports portraits, Doug Sooley Photography pushes the envelope of what is considered normal and works to give the athlete an image that showcases their talents and will last generations.

Doug Sooley Photography Portrait Shoots

When you want to record the special moments in your life, you want a Boise portrait photographer who does much more than simply take standard pictures. When you choose Doug Sooley photography, your shoot will feel comfortable and engaged. You will be amazed and happy when you get your photos and will be excited with the outcome!

The most important thing that you must consider when you choose a photographer is how that person interacts with you. A photo shoot should be a chance for you to enjoy yourself and bring out aspects of your personality that may be hidden from the day-to-day world. You want someone with an artistic eye who can compose edgy, enticing photos that are unique and eye-catching. You want someone who believes that lighting, composition and perspectives can be manipulated in new and exciting ways. You want Doug Sooley Photography.

Doug Sooley is a Boise photographer who believes that a portrait shoot is more than a chance to simply snap a certain number of photographs in stiff poses. Doug Sooley has been shooting San Diego portraits for many years and never tires of using lighting, exciting backdrops and natural settings, impromptu poses and other elements to keep photographs fresh. Specializing in all types of portraiture, Doug Sooley takes photographs that will be unlike anything else you have ever seen. You will be proud to display your exciting and unique photographs!

High School Senior Portraits

Life long memories created with artistry and flair. 90-Minute Session (up to 3 clothes changes)

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What Types of Portrait Photography Do You Do?

Doug Sooley Photography handles all types of photo shoots, both on location and in the studio. Doug Sooley can help you with:

  1. Head Shot Portraits—For Facebook, modeling, resumes and advertising
  2. Senior Portraits—Unlimited possibilities for posed and active shots in sports, casual settings and standard senior poses
  3. Family Portraits—Families can enjoy individual and group photos with a family portrait package, both in the studio and on location
  4. Engagements Portraits—Doug Sooley Photography engagement packages guarantee that the most important day of your life will be commemorated forever in unique, creative and beautiful photography
  5. Pregnancy Portraits—Show off your “baby bump” with a fun and engaging pregnancy photo shoot and have something to show your child when he or she is older
  6. Child Portraits—Outdoor settings are perfect to capture the beauty and innocence of childhood. A child portrait session encapsulates that fleeting moment when your child is still young

Do I Have Input on My Photos?

When you book a portrait session with Doug Sooley, you will find that you are able to have great input into the process. You will find that you are comfortable with the photography process and pleased with your final results. You will work with Doug, who relies on years of experience to compose portraits that are creative and capture the essence of his subjects. No two portrait sessions are ever the same. As a premier San Diego photographer, Doug Sooley works closely with his subjects to learn more about them and model his portraits to draw out the personalities of each one.

Many photo shoots take place outside, and it is here that you can really exercise your creativity and achieve some fantastic pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime. With creative use of lighting and interesting and innovative props, your next portrait session with Doug Sooley will give you stunning results!

If you are interested in booking a photography session please click on the Contact link and send an email or call 760-445-9328.

All shoots are uploaded to Google Drive.

Head Shot Portraits: $150

Perfect for Facebook, Advertising, Modeling, One Hour Session

  • Focus on your Personality
  • 3 Clothes Changes
  • Sports “Jock” Shots
  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • Golden Hour Shoot
  • 90 Minute Session

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High School Senior Portraits $400

Life long memories created with artistry and flair. 90-Minute Session (up to 3 clothes changes)

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Romantic/Engagement Portraits: $300

Capture that Special Moment, Use Images in Announcements, Any Time of Year, Any Location, One Hour Session

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Custom Family Portraits: $350

Custom Family Portrait, Capture Children Individually, Up to 5 Family Members (pet), Any Time of Year, One Hour Session

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Maternity Portraits: $250

Focus on Baby Bump, Dramatic Lighting, Outdoor Setting Preferred, Couple Interaction, One Hour Session

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Custom Child’s Portrait: $250

Capture Their Personality, Outdoor Setting Preferred, Any Time of Year, One Hour Session

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*Note: This is a ‘starting’ price. Packages are variable and negotiable. Call for details. 760-445-9438