High School Senior Portraits

Doug Sooley Photography Senior Photos

For parents and students who want the very best in senior portraits, finding the right photographer is important. Parents want to capture that special moment in their children’s lives and students want to express their creativity in these photos shoots and bring out their individual personalities.

Your senior year is an exciting time, and you deserve to have it documented in a way that reflects you positively. If you are looking for San Diego senior portraits that truly mirror you as a unique and exciting person and record this time in your life in a creative way, Doug Sooley Photography can help.

With creative lighting, edgy composition, outdoor and indoor settings and the unique quality that comes from true artistry, Doug Sooley Photography can help you create senior portraits that you will be proud to display for many years to come!

Your senior portrait shoot will be fun and exciting. You will be relaxed and involved the entire time, with input on the process from beginning to end. Ultimately, you will find that your senior portraits are a reflection of you and your special achievement in graduating.

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What Comes With A Senior Portrait Package?

If you are looking for quality senior portraits in San Diego, Doug Sooley Photography offers you the perfect package. Each senior portrait package includes:

  • A 90-minute dedicated photo session. You will have time to enjoy your portrait session without feeling rushed.
  • Three changes of clothes. Bring your favorite outfits and Doug will incorporate them into your photo shoot.
  • Sports “Jock” Shots. If you are an athlete, you can include shots of you in your gear and even action shots. Doug is always willing to work with you to ensure that your sports shots reflect the best of your high school athletic career.
  • Golden Hour Shoot.
  • Unlimited Possibilities. Doug Sooley prides himself on creativity and is willing to work with you to create shots that truly express your personality. With the help of Doug Sooley Photography, you can create the senior portraits you always imagined.
  • Focus on your personality. Unlike many photographers, Doug takes the time to get to know you so that he can draw out the personality traits that make you unique. Spread your wings and enjoy your photo shoot—after all, you are only a senior once!
  • Images. Every photo shoot is uploaded to Google Drive, first as proofs and then as final images (in 8×10 format) for you to download for printing. If you want to purchase prints from me directly, I can offer you a discount.

Why Choose Doug Sooley Photography?

Parents want to be sure that their seniors have the best possible photography experience. With Doug Sooley Photography, parents can relax and enjoy the knowledge that their students will have a great senior portrait experience.

Your senior year is special, and your senior portraits should be a reflection of your best senior memories. San Diego senior portraits should highlight your beautiful personality and make you look your best, and with Doug Sooley Photography, they will!